General terms and conditions PSE GmbH, Bangertsgasse 2, D-64850 Schaafheim, Germany

1. Terms and Conditions

The following conditions are relevant to all current and future business relationships with our clients, and the lifting of all different provisions in requests, orders and correspondence, except our written, contrary confirmation. This is true even if we different conditions are not inconsistent conditions. Even in subsequent transactions, it needs no advice that always projecting validity.

Verbal, telephone, telegraph and telex services, jobs, and ex-notices require our written confirmation. By our employees and agents commitments must be confirmed in writing by us. If we know the negative effect on the solvency of the customer, so we are free to withdraw from the agreed upon terms, or to require collateral or return the order, charging the costs incurred to that point and compensation. 

Machine deliveries on the basis of "Conditions of supply of machine tools" within the VDW terms of specialized community works in conjunction German machine tool engineering institutions eV. For tool delivery are equally the conditions of the DPV-specialized community-precision work tools in the Association of German engineering institutions governed eV, respectively, taking into account our own conditions of sale.

2. Offers

The votes of our offers are binding. Images, descriptions, weights and dimensions on the Internet and in brochures and similar documents are subject to change.

3. Delivery time

Only when all the details clarified the order and necessary documents are charmed-made supply, the delivery time begins to run. must also be met all contractual Requirements from the customer.

Delays in delivery do not entitle the buyer to claim damages and it will not cancel the order if a grace period has expired. Unforeseen events - including force majeure - we or our suppliers measures to be entitle us to delay the delivery accordingly, or to be free from the obligation to deliver.

4. Prices

Price changes are due to the change in the cost of delivery days notice. The prices are usually at the factory, plus VAT. VAT, excluding packaging, insurance, freight or postage, duty on imported goods.

5. Shipping / Transport

It is generally recommended for all customers, port shipments against damage to the trans-insure, because the product will always travel at the risk of the buyer. Even if freight-free delivery or partial takeover of the freight charges should be agreed by us.

6. Delivery / Delay

Date commitments are only binding if confirmed in writing. The customer may request delay damages only when intent or gross negligence, our fluids to be a burden.

7. Transit / transfer of risk

The determination of the shipping method and means of transport and route is left to us, if there are special requirements of customers. Where we are not liable for the favorability of the freight and the fastest transport.

Mare not liable for the favorability of the freight and the fastest transport. With the delivery of goods to the customer, shipper, carrier or otherwise to execute the dispatch specific person, the risk to the customer.

8. Warranty

Our warranty is based solely on the basis of the following provisions:

a) We do guarantee that the products supplied by us with the current state of the art at the time of delivery are not afflicted with defects in accordance with proven manufacturing or material defects are based on. Changes in the construction or design that we generally prior to delivery of an order on a product make-my, do not entitle to any complaints.

b) Sofern nicht schriftlich etwas anderes vereinbart worden ist, gelten die gesetzlichen Gewährleistungsfristen (d.h. Verjährungsfristen für Gewährleistungsansprüche). Bei Vermittlungsgeschäften von Maschinen, welche direkt aus dem jeweiligen Lieferwerk kommen, gelten die Bedingungen des Lieferwerkes.

b) Unless otherwise in writing has been agreed, the statutory warranty periods (ie periods of limitation for warranty claims). In brokerage of machines, which come directly from the respective supplier, subject to the terms of the supply work.

c) The guarantee is subject to our discretion, either by replacement or by free disposal of the error, and at our option, either by us or authorized by customer by ourselves.

d) A claim by a customer to change or reduction is impossible unless the error can not be eliminated or further attempts are unreasonable for the customer.

e) Obvious defects shall, not later than 3 business days after receipt and all other their determination in writing to indicate. The rules of the complaint of men-at the same time the goods by us shall be sent attached inspection report to us or the body designated by our service center.

f) We are only liable for consequential damages if we or gross negligence are intent. The exclusion of liability does not apply in case of failure of guaranteed-th property, if this was intended to protect the customer against the occurrence of a specific injury.